A tuppence for your crossroads…

I’ve had the crossroads conversation with a number of friends over the past few months. And no, it’s not the tea break chat about the ITV Melodrama shot on location in the scenic Scottish Lowlands. The other crossroads. The one where they spill their guts with something like, “I’ve reached a crossroads in my life…” It’s always an interesting conversation and can cover an array of factors as varied as the prick in the finance department who counts their photocoping levels to dreams of living the good life with Lassie the Sheepdog in a Yurt in Southern France.

I’m not sure why I end up getting into these conversations but I’ve got a theory that there could be a positive correlation between the size of my ears

dmcn lug

One of My Ears

and people’s willingness to discuss personal concerns with me. Like I say, its just a theory at this stage. But you heard it here first. Most likely you read it here first. ButIdigress.

So for here it is, my tuppence worth coming at ye.

There’s a disconnect between what we’re meant to do as people (and which we’d enjoy) and between what we’re capable of doing. There’s quite often an even bigger gap between the money we can earn doing either. You might be a qualified brain surgeon but if you’d be happier grooming dogs for a living and earning a third of the wage then you really need to sit down and think of Lassie and that Yurt. Or then again, if you’d prefer a big wage, big house, big car and 16 pet Chihuahas have it your own way. But will you be happy? Woof.

There has been one happy ending for a friend. She cut back her hours at work and is now enjoying a healthier mix between work, the garden and walking the dog. For her its about balance. And cleaning up the dogs crap. The dog is big so there’s a lot of crap. On the upside the garden is small and so the poop is easy to find. Like I say balance.

P.S. Anyone interested in taking the Ear-Listening-Correlation thing futher PM me asap.

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