Meltdown 1: Will violence become a tool of climate advocates?

Many of the writings on my blog are of a lighthearted and whimsical nature. However, in The Meltdown Essays, I’m going to explore something darker.

These essays, written in the era of runaway carbon emissions, will be devoted to exploring a regrettable yet realistic prediction: that if the vested commercial and political interests (who profit from the status quo) continue to actively derail measures to tackle carbon emissions, they will create a vacuum into which violence will emerge as an inevitable tool of climate advocates within the next 25 years. I won’t be advancing the notion that such violence would be justified, moral or in any way effective, though I welcome your opinions and thoughts on this. Meltdown will simply be proposing that conditions are being created that could make this violence inevitable.

I’d like to also clarify that these essays won’t rehash the science of human induced climate change, nor will they attempt to explain the moral imperative for action: these positions are already clear and beyond dispute.  Instead, in reaching my prediction, I will elaborate on the following broad points in the coming essays:

  • Violence: the uncomfortable reality that violence is already a huge part of the climate change problem. And furthermore that this violence, while rarely portrayed as such in the media, has its origins in the commercial and political elites of the world.
  • Responsibility: in this sense the overwhelming responsibility for action (or inaction) lies in the hands of the commercial and political interests who obstruct meaningful progress (in full knowledge of the consequences) and not in the hands of the general public.
  • Hostages: therefore the vast majority of the human race are hostages in the most dangerous game of chicken ever played: whereby the ongoing negligent pursuit of profit and self interest of some are driving civilization as a whole head first into a collapsing environment which has already cost lives.
  • Last Resort: given all of the above and the diminishing time-frame for the implementation of meaningful measures to head off catastrophe, the most radical and climate advocates will ultimately contend that violence is required as a last resort to effect change and equally as a necessary form of self defense.
  • Meltdown: If measured violence does emerge as a tool of the climate advocate, then the commercial and political interests who are seen to be holding back progress will almost certainly be it’s first victims. In such a volatile situation, whereby respect for the rule of law and climate itself are both deteriorating at speed, a widespread collapse of entire nations (as we are already witnessing in Syria) is likely.
  • A Miracle Like Mars: Any one of a number of miracles could occur in the coming years which could avert any such meltdown. However since miracles are never guaranteed I make the argument for immediate radical action by environmentalists.

These are my predictions and thoughts for the future based on an interpretation of the current factual evidence, historical precedent and on the insight of notable thinkers. I hope readers will share their observations, knowledge, experience, criticisms and personal opinion with me. Links provided to articles or websites shouldn’t be interpreted as agreement or approval of such organisations, but will hopefully spark continued debate and constructive dialogue.

In Meltdown 2: Violence already happening, I discuss the pivotal fact that violence is already a huge part of the climate change problem as this flavors much of the argument thereafter. Follow the drop down menu on “Meltdown Essays” above to find the next essay in the series. Until then keep smiling.

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2 thoughts on “Meltdown 1: Will violence become a tool of climate advocates?

  1. I think you under estimate the fragility of our way of life. So many of our day to day goings on are so easily toppled by any number of the mirad of pins holding this system up and together. I think that although violence will certainly come, it will coincide with the human mind’s uncanny ability to sense that something is about to crumble. And crumble it will. Then the next form of violence will not be as you envision. It will be the violence of desperation. And I fear that is when the nuclear weaponry will also be let loose. So, I would say enjoy these relatively calm, peaceful and luxurious days. I fear they may not last as long as we think.


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