Flaunting It

Flaunting It

“We don’t have digestives so Rice Cakes or nothing.”

“I know Daddy but I don’t like them.”

Declan’s eyes rolled upwards and he sighed a little. “Yes, well that’s what Breige got. Rice cakes or nothing.”

“I just wan’t something else.”

“Well sorry babe but we don’t have anything else. We finished off the ginger nuts yesterday, remember?” He closed the drawer and began to move away.

Laura frowned for a second, then glancing upwards she pointed at the high shelf, above the fridge. “What’s in there Dad? Take it down and let me see.”

“The tin? I don’t think there’s anything there either.” Declan reached up and took the round tin down. Something slid forward as the tin lurched downwards. Laura stood on tippy-toes to see in. Her eyes widened and a smile shone across her face.

“Butterscotch!” she purred, pulling the packet out. “There’s only two left, can I have them?” she continued, scraping at the packet.

Declan glanced over his shoulder. Breige was in the sitting room. “And Breige already had the rice cake…” Laura added softly, trying to gauge her father’s face. She raised her brows and did her prettiest smile. “So can I have them both?”

“Ok go on. Just don’t let your sister see you with them or she’ll want one too.”

Saying nothing, Laura turned and went back to the kitchen table to resume drawing.

“You promise? No teasing her with them?”

“Ok Dad,” she replied as she opened the pencil case.

Barely five minutes had elapsed when a howl came from Breige who rushed out into the hall. “Laura has sweets! Sweets!” Briege was distraught and threw her arms around Declan’s chubby legs. “Ah babe, what happened? Tell Daddy.”

Leanna spoke from inside the room. “Laura was rolling the sweets around her mouth so Breige could see.” Before Leanna had finished speaking Laura was already dashing through the hall and running up the staircase.

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