The Seed Breeze

The small white seeds drifting through the air caught his attention.

He pushed the sash up to get a clearer look while making a mental note to call the window cleaner later. Fresh purging air from the open window surrounded him and he breathed deeply.

At any moment fifteen or twenty seeds flew past his office, always from left to right. This pattern was occasionally interrupted by heavier flurries when forty or maybe fifty briefly crowded the same small airspace, each contingent quickly being replaced by another. Some seeds zigzagged to and fro, up and suddenly plummeting down as if riding an invisible roller coaster. Other errant pixies would double back or loop-de-loop but eventually each and every wayward fleck would rejoin the others.
However one spiraled sideways and somehow, wonderfully, flitted through the gaping window and landed on the desk beside his hand. He drew closer to study it. Radiating outwards from the seed at the center were an array of delicate, almost translucent wings. His very breath caused it to dart back suddenly off the desk before twisting abruptly towards the door. He smiled. Standing up, he pushed the lid downwards on the laptop and ignoring the glances from his colleagues headed for the exit.

From within the building the view had been somewhat two dimensional but once outside the vastness of the phenomenon became apparent. Countless seeds whizzed at him from all angles, tangling in his hair and clothes. They were relentless. Both curiosity and awe rose in his chest – he recalled those emotions when as a child he stood in the path of millions of crisp fluttering snowflakes.

Now he looked deeper into the haze of rapidly moving dots that flowed in unison toward him. From within his rear pocket his hand had instinctively begun to reach for his phone to take a video but stopped abruptly. Find the source or determine the destination? He glanced from side to side as thousands more came and went. Turning from the building he strode forward to meet the seed breeze head on.

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