My writings, rhymings and whinings have been in publication since 2001 in The Northern Standard, The Irish Times and TheJournal.ie. Some of my finest works of fiction have been successfully used in business plans and grant applications while I worked in the furniture industry. I’ve written and acted in radio drama’s which were aired on Shannonside Northern Sound Radio. Another literary highlight was my shortlisting and participation in the Bard of Armagh humorous verse competition when my original recitation in a packed auditorium caused over 1000 not to laugh; ironically my wife thinks it was hilarious. Since then I’ve mostly focused on getting laughs out of my two young children but even this is becoming increasing difficult.

My interests include reading, rambling, surfing, traditional whistle and flute. I enjoy gardening and I’m currently trying to grow a food forest a la Martin Crawford. I’m a fluent Irish speaker and have a deep interest in Irish history and genealogy. I’m self employed in CAD-CAM automation and in property maintenance. I’ve appeared on local and national radio as a contributor to programs on Irish current affairs and politics. My family and I live in Monaghan, Ireland.


dermymcnally insitu


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