Growing quality timber in native woodlands through continuous cover forestry

Pro Silva Ireland

This presentation explores CCF opportunities and synergies between production and conservation management in Irish Native Woodland.

It was presented by Pro Silva Ireland committee member Jonathan Spazzi at the recent Native Woodland Conference held in Wicklow 30th April 1st of May on behalf of Teagasc Forestry Development Unit and Prosilva Ireland.

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Moving Away From the ‘Bandit Country’ Myth

Gave me a new perspective..n

Writing the Troubles

By Patrick Mulroe

In the last eighteen months, the Irish border has been the focus of a great deal of comment but there remains little depth to much of the analysis of the area’s history. During the conflict, the border was a key sphere for IRA operations. Operation Banner, the official British Army account of the troubles, claimed that by the mid-1980s, the IRA was organised into sixteen Active Service Units of which ten were based south of the Border.[1] One border area stood out in terms of importance. South Armagh was a hub of paramilitary activity; indeed, by 1978, of the fifty-eight serious border incidents, forty-one took place in South Armagh.[2]  Even now, this area features in media reports almost always accompanied by the unfortunate “Bandit Country” moniker.

The best-known work on South Armagh is journalist Toby Harnden’s Bandit Country. In this influential and widely…

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Government Target in Tatters as Afforestation Plummets to Thirty Year Low

Afforestation Plummets to Thirty Year Low and Is Set to Fall Further.... As published on AT THE RATE that new forests were planted in 2017, it will take 100 years to achieve the government’s target of 18% forestry cover – a far cry from the stated ambition of achieving it by 2046. 2017 marked … Continue reading Government Target in Tatters as Afforestation Plummets to Thirty Year Low

Forestry in the Firing Line

Forestry in the Firing Line As reported on The Journal there's positive news for the Forestry Industry as the Government's Midterm Review increases planting incentives, but not everyone shares the enthusiasm for trees. The community activists behind the Save Leitrim Campaign are highlighting the negative aspects of forestry expansion with protests and lobbying activity. They … Continue reading Forestry in the Firing Line