The Greenhouse That Got Away…

The Greenhouse That Got Away.

It wanted to travel, never put down roots,
So it flung out plants and mucky boots.
A force 6 fanned its dreams, it wouldn’t stay.
My €59 Greenhouse that Got Away.

It flew two gardens over, landed one pole less.
A tattered, battered, shambolic mess.
Sandbags would’ve stopped this soggy soufflé
But it was the Greenhouse that Got Away.
I’ve never even managed to fly a kite!
Held them up in gales but never a bite.
And now this?! A veritable bird of prey!
It’s rare and flighty, the Greenhouse that Flew Away.

So I’ve taped joints, anchored it down.
Patched holes in the see through gown,
I’ll disown it if there’s more horseplay.
It’s on notice, the Greenhouse that Got Away.

By Dermy McNally

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