Herbal Tea can save the World

Herbal Tea can save the World

It’s incredible the tripe,
And misguided hype that gets typed.
If only truth were in those blurbs then
Herbal Tea could save the world.

Herbal Teas currently on the market claim to
Put a smile on your face,
Make the world a better place.
Glorify your gut, serenade senses,
Mollify your migraine, help you jump fences.

Make you shine, sparkle and glitter,
Calm, soothe and make you feel fitter.
Are caffeine free, anti-oxidant rich,
Can relax emotions, mend every stitch.
Incredible really.

So unlock answers to life’s stickiest nettles
By adding a drop from the nations kettles.
Keep smiling no matter what life will hurl.
Herbal Tea will save the world.

By Dermy McNally


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