A Weeding Injury

Gardening is certainly one of life’s pleasant hobbies. But make no mistake: it carries it’s own hazards….

A Weeding Injury

Tuesday past, I’ll have you know,
I cast aside the rake, the hoe,
I limbered up and bent down low
To weed the growing garden.
Thorns and spikes can cause distress,
But no such injury did impress
Through gloves, jeans, socks or sleeves.
And as I crawled upon my knees
No rancid dog dirt defiled the breeze.
Injuries occur if you loose the knack but
I’d no weary limbs from weeding tracks.
Truthfully, I was as happy as a pig in muck
When the silent culprit smiled and struck.
Between slacks and shirt across my lower back,
There’s a sun-burnt stripe above my crack.

By Dermy McNally

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