There will be sunshine

There will be sunshine

There will be sunshine, warm glorious sunshine across Ireland.

Morning grumbles will be replaced by outbreaks of excitement and the tornado will move outdoors.

Exuberant energy will merge with both strong sunshine and high levels of humidity. Overheating will begin almost immediately. This pattern will be commonplace.

Therefore don’t be surprised if splashing and squeals of delight become apparent in gardens on all sides. This will not go unnoticed.

Expect pressure to build.

Indeed, there may be a rapid clouding of judgment.

Swim wear and raucous laughter will become the norm as the garden hose rolls out.

Bursts will be heavy and concentrated in parts. Isolated crying may occur but should clear.

Unfortunately the sunshine is likely to pass and the breeze will feel noticeably cooler. Extreme vigilance is cautioned or children may suddenly chatter the ominous words, “I’m freezing”.

Dry at speed and prepare 6 to 8cm of hot chocolate. Despite record levels of complaining be prepared to see a repeat of similar conditions over the coming days.

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