The Car of The Future

The Car of The Future

I dreamt a research firm sent a team of young minions,
To develop the car of the future by adding the public’s opinions.
Luckily they met me.

“Sir, it will fly, it will swim,
Be a sight to behold,
It will come when its called
And do whats its told.

There’ll be bells with whistles
And windows with louvers!”
Young chap, listen here,
I need my car to self hoover.

It must clean out the gaps where raisins get stuck.
Suck up sticky spills, wipe off the dog’s muck.
No more electrical leads trailing back to the house.
One less cause of annoyance for my darling dear spouse.

Self driving!? High flying!?
No! Make an A to B mover,
And it’ll make my life perfect
If you build in a good hoover.

Some like furry dice and go faster stripes,
Extra low chassis. And some other types
Want a car like a swan or mean like Tyson.
So is it weird to crave a built in Dyson?

by Dermy McNally



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