Such A Plank (A Poem for Mr Enda Kenny)

Such A Plank (A Poem for Mr Enda Kenny)

Little in the world irks me so
As the politician who just won’t go,

So my hope for Ireland continues to wither,
With every day you duck and dither.
You promised us hope, said you’d clean
The Dáil and the Senate. Get trolleys off the screen.
And burn bondholders!? You just ran in fright,
You’re the biggest coward since potato blight.
You open your mouth delivering little
Except stale air and lumps of spittle.

Behind you Ministers are all carrying knives,
For the skanky cat who pissed eight lives.
And though contrite I’d like to mention
Garda protection for life. A gold leaf pension.
See? The bus is here. The door ajar.
Go now Gad dammit and please go far.

So don’t look so shocked,
You’ve yourself to thank.
Oh Enda Kenny, you’re such a plank.


By Dermy McNally


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