The Things She Cannot Have

The Things She Cannot Have

She wants the things she cannot have,
She covets. Craves them bad.
Needs them now. Just can’t wait.
Denial makes her mad so

She stalks the toy her sister holds,
The one ignored for weeks.
Rips it from her siblings grasp
Scoffing, blessed are the meek.

I speak to calm the crisis down,
It only makes things worse.
The vulture flees the Pharaoh’s Tomb,
In pursuit, the Mummy’s Curse.

The thief runs, then stops to turn,
Adopts a change of tact.
The Mummy enraged, bewildered, smiles
As the plunderer hands it back.

The curse dissolves, the prize
Forgotten as children laugh and play.
Thief and Mummy take their leave,
But are never far away…

Dermy McNally


Was this one of the greatest poems you’ve ever read? If so, look no further than my poem about the little girl with the dirty laugh…

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