That Dirty Laugh

That Dirty Laugh

When folk say children are titters and giggles
Something makes my entrails niggle.
Cause my two year old Rose
Doesn’t do chortles by half.
Our wee darling has the dirtiest laugh.
Few suspect her chat or song
Belie a laugh that’s filthy, wrong.
Forget sugar, spice and all things nice
If you ever hear it, bless yourself twice.
Or stare. And laugh, possibly uncomfortably.
It has its’ upsides. It makes the terminally ill smirk
So you’d think a cackle so unique would take work!
But no. It comes au naturel
Rising like the grunt of a megalithic brute
(And my wife thinks it’s cute!?)
Then it gurgles like a gagging smoker

Hacking up tar, black as a poker.
And the problem? Well,
Rose is mischievous all the time
So I chastise, no matter the crime
Then she’ll laugh real dirty. I feign disgust
Resist her grins, stay serious or bust.
But it ends with smiles across my face.
It’s our game of poker and she holds the ace.
So, let this be my epitaph,
I love her and her dirty laugh!

By Dermy McNally


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