Little Miracles of Nature: Two Shrubs in a Tree!

I was drawn to this evergreen tree by the yellow buds on the tips of the branches and then spotted this: two shrubs growing up in the tree and I thought it worth sharing with the world 🙂

The larger leafy shrub is some kind of a laurel I suspect and the smaller one below is some variety of a Cotoneaster) in what I suspect is a Bermuda Cedar or a Yellow Cedar. The cotoneaster looks on one hand to be in poor shape but since it’s only January it may releaf in the spring. Anyone got any other suggestions to species of the tree? I’m guessing that if I’m more attentive I may see more little miracles of nature of this kind elsewhere.

Located in the grounds of St Macartan’s Cathedral in the town of Monaghan, Ireland.


A closer look below:


The yellow tips of the tree. May also be the wild form of the Italian Cypress.


And here’s another little gem from County Leitrim where ferns have made their cosy residence along the boughs of an ash tree. Thanks Wee Ange for the snaps 🙂


One thought on “Little Miracles of Nature: Two Shrubs in a Tree!

  1. If you’re more attentive you will totally see more little miracles like this. I recently spotted a tree in leitrim that on closer inspection had lots of little plants growing on it…
    Will have a closer look at your tree next time I’m in the cathedral 🙂


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