Positive Stories in Irish Farming

Positive Stories in Irish Farming

Do you sometimes feel that we only hear negative stories about farming in Ireland? Well here’s some good news to give you a lift. Farming for Nature is an independent, not-for-profit initiative which aims to support high nature value farming in Ireland. The Farming For Nature project started with a national award. The main purpose of this award was to unearth and to share the stories of farmers across Ireland who are making a positive difference to nature on their farms and in their communities. The project proves that that farmers are a part of nature and not apart from it. Farming for Nature uses these positive testimonies (articles, videos etc) to encourage other farmers to follow suit. 

Farming for Nature recently beat over 200 great conservation projects to win 2nd place in a global biodiversity challenge! The ‘Act For Biodiversity Challenge’. The team are proving that farming for nature can also be agriculturally, economically and socially progressive. The Award is also helping to change public perception which can sometimes unfairly portray all farmers in a negative sense.

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