Resilient Forestry at Leinster House — Pro Silva Ireland

Continuous Cover Forestry consultant Paddy Purser and Chair of Pro Silva Ireland, Liam Byrne before presenting a statement to Joint Committee on Climate Action at the Oireachtas (Houses of the Irish Parliament), Dublin on behalf of Pro Silva Ireland. 11 December 2019. Photo: Cathy Fitzgerald. Pro Silva Ireland presented continuous cover forestry as a […] via … Continue reading Resilient Forestry at Leinster House — Pro Silva Ireland

Glennie Kindred, Walking with Trees

Awen Publications

by Roselle Angwin

Recently there has been an upsurge of interest in trees. Some of this arises from research done by Suzanne Simard that gives us a picture of what is now known as the Wood Wide Web; and building on this is the amazing book by Peter Wohlleben, The Hidden Life of Trees. There are now a great number of tree books around (of which some of the most inspiring and comprehensive are the three in a series by Fred Hageneder).

Japan has recently dedicated the equivalent of millions of pounds to the study and promotion of Shinrin-Yoku, forest-bathing, as a therapeutic aid to humans.

I myself have been leading a course called ‘Tongues in Trees’ for about five years now. In its most recent incarnation it’s a yearlong online course, beginning at the winter solstice 2018, rooted in the Celtic tree ogham alphabet/calendar.

What joy…

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